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Why doesn’t massfollowing work in 2019?

Why doesn’t massfollowing work in 2019?

What is massfollowing?

More clearly his work principle is demonstrated by Instagram. By clicking “like” or “subscribe” on the page of another person, you draw his attention to your account and, if your content is interesting to him, he will also subscribe to you (or like).

More clearly. By clicking “like” or “subscribe” on your own page you can.

This mechanism works a little differently on Facebook and Vkontakte. It can not do with one click. You need to create a list of accounts of your target audience (or select subscribers of a particular group or person), then send out invitations to friends and include the distribution of invitations of friends to the group. One of the drawbacks of massfollowing is the risk of blocking your account due to user complaints. This is more true for branded pages and online stores, as some people immediately regard them as advertising or spam.

Why doesn’t Mass Tracking work?

Recently, massfollowing began to lose its popularity as a tool for promotion. Why is this happening?

Reason 1. User Awareness

Instagram and other social networks for about 10 years are part of our daily life. And most users are well aware that being a popular person in the network is akin to a profession with a regular income. In addition, everyone at least once saw an advertisement about an increase in the number of subscribers. Therefore, when a person once again sees that an online store has subscribed to it or a page with a number of subscriptions above the number of subscribers, it does not respond very responsively.

And this is justified, because a “like” or subscription exists so that one user can say to another: “I like your page and I want to follow its updates”. And mass-trapping uses these functions very selfishly. He as if says: “Actually, we are not interested in your page, but you should be interested in ours”.

Reason 2. Position of social networks

Since the advent of targeted advertising in social networks, many services for mass-trapping have stopped their work or limited their functions (at the request of social networks). For example, massfollowing is not beneficial for Instagram itself, since built-in targeted advertising requires significantly more money that goes directly to him, and not to some third-party sites.

In addition, to reduce the amount of spam, Instagram has restrictions on the number of subscriptions and likes per day, which slows down the process of mass-trailing.

Reason 3. Unprocessed subscription base

If the first two reasons did not affect the audience of your massfollowing (it continues to subscribe), but you do not observe an increase in activity (likes and comments, messages in direct) or only foreigners or other commercial accounts subscribe to you, then the criteria for massfollow were incorrectly chosen .

Today, there are many services for monitoring popular hashtags, mentions, accounts of competitors and their audience. But even here social networks have limited their capabilities. For example, from third-party services that receive data from the Instagram API, you can unload a competitor’s audience only if it is connected to it and has given its consent to it.

Nevertheless, they should be used when choosing an account for mass-folding, because if a page has many subscribers, this does not mean that they are real people, and not other commercial accounts or bots. And if the subscribers are still real, then see how they suit you. Let it be an active and target audience, even a small one.

However, there are pitfalls. The comments also contain messages from commercial accounts promoting themselves. There can not do without self-viewing comments of a potential donor account.

Also, these services help to see the demographics of subscribers (gender and age). This is especially important if you promote, for example, especially female / male products.

Reason 4. Uninteresting content.
Under uninteresting in this case means too obvious filing. For example, monotonous photos of products or services. 

Strive to reach a ratio of 80/20%, where 80% is useful information on topics close to the product and only 20% is directly selling content. Show the potential subscriber the benefit of a subscription to you, and not a bare advertisement. Catch him with a nice design posts and unobtrusive.

Reason 5. Ignoring other SMM tools.

The main task of massfollowing was and remains to drive traffic to a specific page. For the maintenance of attention are responsible for other ways to promote. 

Therefore, the account should first prepare for the fact that it will be visited by a large number of people.

Do you use this kind of promotion or consider it ineffective? Share with us in the comments 🙂

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