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Basic SEO trends

Basic SEO trends

Course on mobile UX

As you know, every year the influence of user experience on e-commerce is increasing exponentially. At the same time, mobile UX confidently comes to the forefront in SEO. Desktop traffic surrenders, giving way to mobile. As for the leading search engines (such as Google and Yandex), they strive to make the search process for users of smartphones as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Therefore, if you want your site to remain at high positions in the issue or to take a better place in the ranking, we strongly recommend using one of the free webmasters tools. They will allow you to make sure that you are ready for such changes in ranking. In 2019, mobile-first will be able to hinder your plans if the mobile version loads for too long.

Optimization for voice queries

Google’s statistics indicate that every fifth search query is voice. Among these users are dominated by teenagers, but the proportion of adult users is constantly growing (the first is 55% and the second is 40%) That is why you should not ignore the voice technology (especially if you are interested in a young and active audience).

In order to organically adapt to voice search, it is necessary to take into account the fact that smartphone owners use it, as well as binding to a specific location, using local content. To advance on such requests is not difficult if your site has a Question-Answer page.

Natural link building

Linkbuilding not only will not disappear in 2018, but also gain new momentum. However, the main point is to get the maximum amount of quality links. At the same time, if the link does not add any value to your company and does not increase its credibility, then there is no point in placing it. And if earlier we were interested in links from the most authoritative and popular sites, then in the coming year, priority is given to links received in the target niche.

It is very important to take a comprehensive approach to working with a reference profile, and not to hope for success with single links.

Quick replies

Recently, fast answers have become increasingly popular, which significantly affects the competition for a zero position in the issue. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work on a strategy for optimizing the content of a resource in order to gain a place in this block.

As for the extended answers, among them you can find graphs, tables or lists.

Visual search

There is also an increase in visual search, which is a combination of innovation that allows you to move the search to a completely new level. In 2019, visual materials will become even more engaging. And as the competition for users becomes tougher, you should pay attention to your visual content and its optimization.

Thus, in 2019, methods and techniques in SEO in many ways will remain the same, but the above trends can significantly affect the optimization process in the search. In addition, with the constant process of development, the goals themselves change. And now the first position in the search results does not become an extreme point in this continuous process.

Trends in the growth of ready-made answers, the popularization of voice queries, changes in contextual advertising and a focus on local SEO will allow to achieve better results than ordinary organics. Therefore, carefully consider your development and promotion strategy for 2019, taking into account the mentioned SEO trends.

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